What is a Sniffy?

Two green fabric wrapped balls with a white ribbon.

A Sniffy is an aromatic bundle of herbs. Hold a sniffy in your hand and squeeze this herbal treasure to release a wonderful aroma. Sniffies come in many scents. They…

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Meet Rosemary

A close up of the top of a plant

During the holiday season many folks buy a rosemary Christmas tree from a local nursery or even the grocery store. I have been one of those people. After the holidays…

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Rosemary for your Bath

A close up of some green leaves on a table

Years ago my daughter Lindsay and I took a weekend trip to Cambria, California, a small seaside tourist community. We were both finishing a week of school. She was in…

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A Cup of Rosemary Tea

A cup of tea with some herbs on the side

Rosemary  Tea You will need:   2 small rosemary sprigs and 1 cup boiling water Put rosemary sprigs (2-3 inches) into your mug.  Pour water over the rosemary and steep…

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