What is a Sniffy?

A Sniffy is an aromatic bundle of herbs. Hold a sniffy in your hand and squeeze this herbal treasure to release a wonderful aroma. Sniffies come in many scents. They can be created from a single herb such as lavender or a combination of herbs.

Years ago my 4th grade class and I made sniffies for the first time. The English lavender plants growing in our garden were ready to be harvested. We cut at least sixty tall stems. The scent from the deep purple buds was amazing. After securing the stems in bunches of fifteen, they were hung face down, in our warm classroom. Within a week the buds were dry and ready to be used.

Two green fabric wrapped balls with a white ribbon.
A red and white bag with a heart charm on top of it.

Everyone wanted to enjoy the harvest so students decided to make mini lavender sachets. We named them sniffies and they were an instant hit. Students kept them in their desk to use whenever they needed some of lavender’s calm, soothing aromatherapy. Many said it helped them stay focused on their school work. Other teachers began to make sniffies with their students and it became a phenomenon. Nowadays people of all ages enjoy squeezing and sniffing these little sachets. During the holidays ,they become ornaments as my granddaughters create them with Christmas fabric to hang on the tree.

The mint sniffy is a lively bundle of peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary with a hint of cinnamon. This festive blend reminds us to pay attention and enjoy life

The rose petal sniffy is blend of roses, cloves, cinnamon, marjoram, and lavender.  Peaceful, uplifting, this scent is sure to soften the edges of your day.

In the spring,  lemon sniffies are made with lemon verbena, lavender, calendula, rose petals, cinnamon, and cloves.  When I smell this sachet, the words that come to mind are sunshine and new beginnings.

Sniffies are easy to make. You will need cotton fabric, an herb or herb blend. a small rubber band, and a piece of raffia or ribbon.

Cut the cotton fabric into an 8 inch circle. Fill the center with 1/3 cup of the herb you have chosen. Lift the edges of the fabric to form a bundle. Secure with a small rubber band followed by a piece of raffia or ribbon.

(Sniffies can also be made in a larger size by cutting 10 inch circles and filling them with 1/2 cup of the selected herb or herbs) Sniffy kits are available in the Timeless Herbal Traditions online store.  Check them out.  It is fun to make your own

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