What is a Tea Bowl?

First thing in the morning I brew a cup of tea and then the fun begins! What should I add to the tea? Maybe a bay leaf and orange slice? Perhaps a chunk of cinnamon with one clove and an orange slice. Occasionally I put everything in. The choice is only mine. On any given morning I craft this cup of tea to suit myself. You may wonder if all these herbs and spices get in the way of sipping the tea. For me the answer is no. The cinnamon and clove sink to the bottom while the orange slice and bay leaf usually float near the top. I love watching and tasting the goodies from the tea bowl infuse the cup of tea. It seems as if each sip is sweeter and more flavorful than the last.

There may also be some health benefits when using the tea bowl.

Bay leaves (the variety known as sweet bay laurel) are known for their sweet and savory goodness. A cup of bay tea is good for digestion and soothing to the stomach. Some folks say that sweet bay laurel tea is a mild sedative and may be useful in treating headaches. Note: bay leaves should never be eaten. Be certain you are using only the sweet bay leaf, Laurus nobilis.

Cinnamon symbolizes the warmth of home and hearth. The tea warms the body and can improve circulation to the fingers and toes. Many of the articles written about cinnamon suggest that it may also help balance blood sugar.

Dried orange slices are all about health and happiness. They are an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, and calcium. They may be good for your vision and improve skin texture and color.

Cloves are one of the world’s most aromatic spices. They improve digestion and like cinnamon, they are good for circulation. Useful as an expectorant when suffering from a cold or the flu.

Rosemary is a stimulating herb that brings energy to your body. The tea freshens and awakens the mind. It can also alleviate mental and physical fatigue.

Does anyone else add some of the herbs or spices to your tea cup? Please tell us about your ways with tea. Kathy

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