The Crestwood Herb Garden Club- Another great year

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In a few weeks Crestwood’s herb garden club will come to a close. This year we have learned to grow and use sage, basil, lemon verbena, marjoram, oregano, scented geraniums, and the leaves from our garden bay tree. We have also enjoyed collecting and using the acorns from the mighty oak tree that grows in the nearby Crestwood Park. During our last meeting we will learn simple first aid practices using the herbs in our garden.

Our journals are stuffed with mini herb lecture notes and recipes. I think students most of all enjoyed the acorn bread we sampled last October. However, they also came back for seconds when I served them the pasta salad featuring basil and parsley. Favorite herbcrafts included the lemon verbena sweet jar made with lavender, calendula, dried roses, cinnamon, and cloves, and the rose geranium spritzers that lifted everyone spirits after a busy school day.

Soon graduation day will come. Students will receive a Jr. Herbalist certificate honoring them for their skill in growing and using the herbs we have become acquainted with this year. What a wonderful time we all had with each other and the herb garden. Students are beginning to ask which herbs we will learn about next year. This summer I will be gathering new recipes and ideas for our meetings.

Tomorrow I will begin sharing some our favorite herbal recipes. I hope you have parsley growing in your garden because I have discovered a wonderful way to enjoy this pristine herb..

Kathy Stevens

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Kathy Stevens