Lavender Essential Oil One of Nature’s Gifts

Two bottles of lavender essential oils

Lavender was the first herb I planted in my garden. It was love at first smell. When I discovered there were over 40 species and as many as 400 varieties, I began visiting public gardens and nurseries to see and smell the aroma of different species. I planted several of them in the school garden. Though my students and I enjoyed getting to know some of the French and Spanish lavenders, the sweet floral scent of English lavender was our favorite.

I first began using lavender essential oil to make lye based soap. To me, Lavender essential oil is the perfect fragrance for scenting homemade soap. The oil, sometime known as the ‘life force’ of the plant, is steam distilled from the buds of the lavender plant.  Because I love lavender scented soap, I made a lavender spritzer to mist my face first thing in the morning.  What a lovely way to ease into a busy morning.  So easy to prepare!

One day I brought a bottle of lavender spritzer to my classroom.  Since my students loved the lavender growing in our garden, I thought maybe they’d enjoy having lavender water spritzed in the classroom.  Did they ever!  I started misting the classroom just before the students entered after recess.  The soft floral scent helped everyone, including me, calmly focus on lessons and the assignments which followed.   The wonderful fragrance that wafted across our classroom lifted  spirits.  In a matter of minutes, our mood became more positive and cheerful.  On those rare occasions when I forgot the spray,  students were quick to remind me.

A word of caution: Remember to keep oils out of reach of children.  Most oils should not be applied directly onto the skin.  Never take them internally.  Discontinue use of the oil if you suffer an allergic reaction, and seek medical advice.

Lavender Spritzer Facial Spray

4 oz spritzer bottle

3.5 oz distilled water

3 tsp witch hazel

5-6 drops lavender essential oil

Note:  To use this spritzer as a room freshener, add more drops of lavender  (about 10 -12 drops or to your preference).  Lavender EO is anti bacterial and anti viral so it is a great spray to use when someone in your family has been ill.  The witch hazel helps the oil and water stay blended.  If you want to omit the witch hazel, simply shake the bottle well before using.

It has been said that lavender essential oil is among the gentlest but also the most powerful of all the essential oils. In my experience that is true.  There are so many ways to use this amazing oil.  I will share more of these in my next post.  Meanwhile, why not make a bottle of lavender spritzer for yourself.  Lavender essential oil is available at health food stores and some pharmacies.  You will also find it on this website in the online store.