Rosemary Gingerbread Cookies

Rosemary is a healing herb that is also an amazing culinary herb. It is often used to flavor meat, poultry, and vegetables.  I like to pick a few sprigs of rosemary from my backyard shrub and lay the individual needles on pork chops or chicken thighs before putting them on the grill.  Freshly minced rosemary is oh so tasty sprinkled on salads, rice, and baked potatoes.  Have you ever used rosemary to prepare cakes, cookies, jelly, and even lemonade.  Delish!  There are many recipes to be found on the internet.

One of my favorite recipes is for rosemary gingerbread cookies. The ginger and molasses in this recipe seem to come alive when rosemary is added.  I like to make these spicy cookies in fall and throughout the winter when the days are cool and crisp.  The herb garden students love these cookies and I bake a batch for them every year.

Rosemary powder can also be added to your favorite molasses cookie recipe. These cookies are tastiest when they are still a bit soft to the touch.

I should mention that rosemary gingerbread is also a treat.  Simply follow the directions on the box for the gingerbread and add one heaping teaspoon of the powdered rosemary.  A dollop of whipped cream topped with some finely grated lemon rind is divine.  Not everyone is a fan of gingerbread and I don’t understand why.  Fortunately most of my family loves this recipe.

To make these cookies, you will need a box of gingerbread mix from the grocery store, and dried rosemary that is made into a powder. Simply follow the directions on the back of the box for making cookies and add one teaspoon of powdered rosemary.

Rosemary powder is easy is easy to prepare. Put dried rosemary needles in a spice grinder or coffee grinder. The coffee grinder must be used be used only for herbs. Grind the needles until they are completely powdered. Remember, one teaspoon rounded teaspoon is all you need.

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