My Favorite Herb Garden Tea


I often walk my herb garden with a colander. It’s fun to gather sprigs of fresh herbs for my teapot. Sometimes I harvest a bit of thyme and mint to give me energy for the day ahead. Other times I reach for chamomile, lemon balm, and a bit of mint to bring calm. My body seems to know which herbs need to be in my teapot.
One of my favorite discoveries for making a delicious pot of herbal tea is the following is a blend of herbs: Lemon verbena (2 tbsp), Spearmint (3 tbsp), and rosemary (1 tsp). I often use the dried herbs stored in my herb closet. However, the fresh herbs are wonderful too. Sipping a cup of this garden brew lifts my spirits and simply brings more sunshine into my day. In addition to the Feel Good Feelings, there are other wonderful benefits to be gained from these herbs.

When all three of these herbs are combined, the benefits are amazing. Recently my sixteen year old granddaughter, Kenzie, came by to do some herb crafting with me. That afternoon we used dried herbs to make dream pillows and a large bowl of the herb garden tea. Kenzie filled three brown bags with the tea, two for her friends and one for herself. The next day she texted me to let me know how much she enjoyed the tea.
“It makes me happy,” she said. “I never knew that herbal tea could make you feel so good.”
I hope you’ll give this recipe a try. Do you have an herbal tea recipe to share?

Lemon verbena reduces inflammation and joint pain. It soothes respiratory problems and is one of the best herbal antioxidants. In addition, it is known to help folks lose weight because there is less interest in the munchies.
Spearmint relieves stress and improves digestion. Like lemon verbena, it promotes respiratory health. Spearmint is also good for circulation.
Rosemary is a wonderful tonic for the brain. It boosts memory and brings clarity to any type of mental work. Rosemary increases energy and builds immunity.

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