Herbs, Spices, and the Holidays

Orange Clove Pomanders

In November I like to make orange pomander balls to scent my home. Lemons, limes, grapefruit, and even apples can be used to make pomander balls. What is a pomander? Pomanders are a mixture of fragrant, dried herbs in cloth bags. Medieval herbalists used them to ward off illness and bring good fortune. A pomander […]

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Cloves- One of the World’s Most Aromatic Spices

Did you know that the name clove is derived from the Latin word claus,  meaning nail?  At one time I was a bit intimidated by the strong scent of this spice. Today I love to use cloves but sparingly so that they do not overwhelm the other spices and herbs.  Cloves are the still-closed buds […]

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Scents of the Season with Holidays Herbs and Spices

As I look back over the many years I have been doing these holidays gatherings, there are certain herbs and spices that always make their way into the limelight.  I find these herbs in the garden or stored in my dried herb closet. They partner so easily with many of the kitchen cupboard spices.  So, […]

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Cinnamon for the Holidays and throughout the year

  Cinnamon is the spice of home and hearth.  It is derived from the bark of an evergreen tree in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  The best quality cinnamon is harvested from the truck and graded according to its length, breadth, and thickness.  The quills are then cut from the bark. Cinnamon’s sweet and spicy bite […]

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