Kathy Stevens

Kathy Stevens is a retired teacher, Master Gardener, and certified Master Herbalist. She lives in Visalia, California with her husband Stan and a wide variety of herbs in her backyard garden. Kathy is a former president of the San Joaquin Herb Society and the author of two herb books, The Herb Garden Club, and The Herb Garden Club, season 2.

Both books were inspired by an herb garden at a local elementary school. Years ago Kathy worked with students, parents, and staff to create this special garden. It is home to 30 herbs and a variety of birds, butterflies, and other little critters. Kathy hosts a weekly herb garden club for interested students. The history, folklore, stories, herb crafts, and tasty recipes from the weekly meetings are now featured in her books.

In addition to the work Kathy does with students, she enjoys giving lectures and workshops about living a healthy herbal lifestyle.

Be sure to visit Kathy’s blog on this website to discover additional stories, crafts, and delicious recipes.

You can also find Kathy on her Timeless Herbal Traditions Facebook page.