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Six more Ways to use Lavender Essential Oil

Recently I met a woman who carries a small bottle of lavender essential oil where ever she goes.  She says it is like having your own personal first aid kit on hand. Knowing all the wonderful attributes of this healing oil, I am thinking I should do the same thing.  Though I have used lavender […]

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A Lavender Bath with Epsom Salt

Did you know that lavender is derived from the Latin word, lavare, which means to wash? I enjoyed learning this because I often put several drops of lavender essential oil in the bath water. Relaxing in a lavender bath washes away the “residue” of a busy day. It calms my overstimulated mind and eases me […]

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Lavender Essential Oil One of Nature’s Gifts

Lavender was the first herb I planted in my garden. It was love at first smell. When I discovered there were over 40 species and as many as 400 varieties, I began visiting public gardens and nurseries to see and smell the aroma of different species. I planted several of them in the school garden. […]

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